7- Day Parenting Program

For parents raising children, pre-teens and teens.
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24th July 2024
Flexible Timings
~30 minutes a day daily videos
7 days

What's Included?

7 sessions across 3 topics shared everyday.

Every session will be a fresh, inspiring, power packed experience including deep knowledge, experiential activities, engaging stories, and practical tips.

Tried and tested resolution to common issues

Get answers to common questions that parents havebased onpast lessons and the upcoming future for understanding our child.

Concrete suggestions and practical advice to reduce and manage screen time

There's no forced imposition of ideas, we first make you look at the rationale for appropriate screen usage , help you introspect your own parenting style and then explore actions and solutions.

Vital DOs and DON'Ts for your relationship with your child

Tools to aid you to adopt a child-centric parenting style that can help realise the unlimited potential of children - that otherwise remains untapped or trapped.

Notes for every session

You will find detailed notes for each session as an additional resource for extra learning so that you can come back and refer them anytime you want to.

Benefits You Will Gain

by doing this program
Influence your child in positive & nurturing manner
Understand your
child better
Increased mutual respect
leading to peace & harmony
Expand your knowledge
of parenting
Stronger parent-child bond
Self-awareness & increase emotional intelligence

What will we cover in the 7 days?

Day 1 : Know your parenting style

While there is no one way of parenting, the idea is to adopt conscious parenting and the first step to that is to know your parenting style so that you can begin to tweak it.

Day 2 : The common issues & the role you need to play

Stop taking issues with your child for granted. Don't accept them as normal, as things that are bound to happen, as the ways of the world. There are solutions and in this session we lay down processes that help you resolve even those concerns that seem tricky!

Day 3 : Negotiating with your children

Life with children is an ongoing negotiation - be it about sleeping on time, studying or screen time. As parents you may feel you gave in too early, while your children may feel they had no say. Put an end to this unhappiness and frustration and learn to negotiate more effectively and peacefully with your children.

Day 4 : Knowing the child, knowing ourselves

You will be clear about what you need to do in making sure that your child performs in any and every area of their life - studies, activities, social situations and sports! Yes… we mean anything and everything.

Day 5 : Yes, they can

A child's self esteem determines the course of their life. This session is all about finding out how you can nurture it or rather how you can undo the damage the external environments cause to a child's self esteem.

Day 6 : Screens are more dangerous than substance abuse

Children are becoming averse to reading books. Outdoor activities are going down. They are getting exposed to content not meant for them. Studies start appearing boring. These are issues that you see, the bigger issue is that the virtual world is making children mistake pleasure for happiness. In this session, dismantle the screen issue to solve it from the root.

Day 7 : Screen Detox

Policing screen time is exhausting - tracking usage and then clamping down on excesses can adversely affect the parent child bond - now that you have dismantled the issue , see how you can create a win-win situation - where they see that excessive use of screens is harmful and also start managing screentime themselves.  

People are saying

about this program
Highlighted review

Lena Parvathy

54, Port Blair
As a parent I have been paranoid about certain things and this course was powerful, crisp and short and really solved some of the most troubling challenges for me. I am very happy that I did this and I was a part of the program. The content is very relevant and each session was power-packed and contained very relevant dos and donts

Aanchal Bansal

40, New Delhi
Every session was informative and the solutions were also very practical.

Himani Duhan

33, Sonepat
This course is so important, it is a must do! I feel a lot more confident about my actions and approaches going forward. Thank you!

Sheetal Arya

42, New Delhi
This was impactful and it really touched my heart. My kids will be glad I did this and I so wish my parents had done this :))

Deepika Malhotra

41, New Delhi
I liked the practical and concrete suggestions. This has become a stepping stone in my journey to become a deliberate parent -  very informative.

Swasti Anand

46, Gurgaon
The sessions started to remind me of my childhood, and how that has a huge role in shaping the life of my kids. It was quite an insightful experience!

Who is this for?

For parents who want to resolve problems with their child

This course will give tools to aid you. Focus on and be in the process, you will create your own solutions whenever you find yourselves at crossroads.  

Busy mums and dads who don't get enough time

If you feel that you don't get enough time with your child, we have a good news - good parenting manifests as your kids doing well and you having a great relationship with them this has less to do with the quantity of time more to do with quality of time.

Parents of preteens & teenagers

It seems impossible to understand a teenager's world - when they suddenly become unpredictable, unreliable, aloof and so on. This is a difficult age to manage and this course will help you understand their world and help you influence them in anurturing and positive manner.  

Young Parents having kids < age 10

Think of this, your child is born with almost no capability to look after itself, this child grows up into becoming a full person based on the inputs they get from you , this course prepares you with skills and approaches for parenting in the digital age.  

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Meet the Hosts

Sushant Kalra

Sushant Kalra is an author and a parenting coach, who over the last 15 years has trained over 3 lakh parents across the globe and has been a multiple time TedX speaker.

Being a father of 2 himself, he helps parents find their unique 'perfect' blend of parenting for their unique family setups.

He has been an advisor to schools across Delhi NCR, Punjab and Kerala working with teachers to help realise his mission of creating empowering environments for children.

He has won several awards for his work, including the Best Teacher and Parent Coach Award from the Federation of Public Schools of Delhi, the Education INNOVATOR Award at the 5th Ed Leadership International Conference, from The Center For Innovation in Education, USA and the Courageous Class award conferred by the Kenneth Cole Foundation USA.

Krutika Rastogi

Krutika Rastogi is the founder of Brightlife and a certified emotional wellness coach and the host of Brightlife Podcast.

Her personal history of inner work, value system  defines the DNA of our organisation.
Armed with her CS degree and background as a founder and marketer her mission behind building Brightlife is to create India's first personal and emotional wellness community around the practices and ideas of India's greatest teachers.

We believe that people are better when they connect, and these relationships are healthier when people feel whole.
It is up to us to make choices that help us feel whole: be mindful, improve those areas which truly matter to us and be open to learning!

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7-Day Parenting Program

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