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At Brightlife, we handpick the best verified and certified coaches for you. Our coaches are all that you need to help you reach your goals faster!
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User Review

Hear from people who lived it!
“People need a non-judgmental ear to process their thoughts which good coaches at Brightlife can provide”
Heena Khan, 30
“I connect better with people who speak my mother tongue, i.e. Punjabi, and my coach at Brightlife also speaks Punjabi! This has made us connect so much better”
Rajinder Singh, 34
“As a 45 year old I was looking for someone even elder than me to coach me and understand where I am coming from. At Brightlife I found that perfect balance in my coach”
Aarti Agarwal, 45
“My previous experiences of professional help have not been so great! I am always skeptical about how confidentiality is maintained, but here I am on my 13th session, and I couldn’t be more sure of this platform”
Shantanu, 28
“As someone who’s lived in London for 9+ years, I really wanted someone who’s Indian, but would also get my cultural context at present”
Dhriti Patel, 27
“In my introductory call itself my coach told me how will she help me move forward with every session, and nothing has been more assuring and motivating than that”
Amanpreet, 33
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Why Brightlife

Everything you should know about making your lives brighter

Age is just a number

Our wide network of coaches can cater to all age groups, making sure you don't feel that generation gap while discussing your life challenges.

Long distance? We'll handle.

If you are living abroad and we are different time zones, don't you worry. Our coaches have special time slots for Indians living abroad.

Coaches don't tell us a thing!

All of your conversations with your coach are extremely confidential. We are just happy to know that you're making progress.

We can switch languages

We understand how comforting it is to have someone who speaks the same way as you. Our coaches can chat with you in Hindi, Engish or any other Indian native languages as per your need.

Nobody is judging you

At Brigtlife, we promise a judgement free zone. Our coaches are trained to provide you with a safe space, so that you feel heard, protected and secure.

We treat everybody equally

No matter if you're living abroad or in India, our prices remain standard for everyone. Don't believe us? Test us out :D
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Frequently asked

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What is an introductory call?

A brief 25-30 minute video call where you connect with a coach who is matched to you and discuss a roadmap to tackle your unique situation. This helps the coach, as well as you to know each other and see how you can work together.

What if I don't connect with the coach that I am matched to?

In the rare case if you are not satisfied with the coach in the discovery session, get back to us. We will try to connect you with a different coach who matches your requirements at no extra cost.

What are the steps after the introductory call?

You get to decide the number of sessions you require as per your need, even though we suggest starting with a minimum of 3-5 sessions at once.